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Romantic Getaways

Romantic Getaways in Africa

Africa is a continent which brings out the romantic side to even the steeliest of hearts. Classic savannah or tropical beach sunsets end a day that may have begun with a hot air balloon trip, a thrilling game drive or boat trip along a languid river. The smiles are genuine, the views matchless and the continent echoes to a timeless rhythm of history, culture and natural beauty.

Why wouldn't you come to Africa for a romantic getaway?

We have identified the most romantic destinations in Southern and East Africa and made sure there is suitably romantic accommodation offering seclusion and privacy as well as unfettered luxury and indulgences. Enjoy spa treatments, personalised dining and the exclusivity of private reserves and sole-use concessions; we've made sure you're going to where the crowds aren't.

Talk to us about romance and we'll ensure that your expectations are met, if not surpassed, with our wide range of African romantic getaways.