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Family Holidays in Africa

Been thinking about taking the family on holiday to Africa but not sure how safe it is or where to go?

Put your worries aside: Africa has been doing Africa Family Holidays for decades and the continent has a encyclopaedic list of family-friendly destinations that will appeal to - and cater for - every member of the family.

Our selected Africa Family Holidays aren't just nice looking places we feel would be good for the kids: they've been designed for families on vacation.

How is that? Well, we've made sure that our Africa Family Holidays deliver the sort of things you want on a family vacation: sunny beach resorts with kids' clubs and baby sitters; wildlife safaris with children's programmes and activities; malaria-free Big 5 destinations and private holiday villas with loads of space and access to the beach.

Sound like the sort of thing your family would go for?

We've also ensured that our Africa Family Holidays go to all the best places - and not just to give your kids bragging rights back on the playground. Kenya, South Africa,Zambia and Mauritius, to name a few, are the sort of destinations that will wow the whole family and give you plenty to do while the kids are off learning and exploring.