• Africa Honeymoons

Africa Honeymoons

African Honeymoons

The fact that our origins lie in Africa perhaps accounts for the emotional attachment so many visitors have for Africa - and why they keep coming back.

Why not capitalise on this phenomenon for that most romantic chapter of your life: your honeymoon.

Let us arrange an Africa honeymoon for you - we have so many achingly beautiful destinations to suit every mood - picture-postcard Indian Ocean Islands, hazy savannahs, timeless vineyards - plus romantic hotels and lodges that make no secret out of their desire to make your stay in Africa an unforgettably indulgent experience.

You'll delight in the unexpected on one of our Africa honeymoons - a surprise champagne breakfast at the ocean's edge, a hill-top dinner for 2, a canopy of stars instead of your bedroom ceiling - and all backed up by superb yet subtle service.

Africa honeymoons: go back to your roots and soak up the passion and romance of our continent - after all, it's where it all began.