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Adventure Safaris

Adventure Safaris in Africa

African Adventure Safaris aren't about high tea on groomed lawns of a city 5-star hotel but you can experience the wildest places imaginable and still slip between those cool cotton sheets at the end of the day.

Uninhabited deserts, jagged mountain ranges, steaming wetlands and sun-baked savannahs are all on the menu: our African Adventure Safaris have been selected as much for their incredible destinations as for their focus on luxury and comfort. It's all very well to spend the day on foot tracking big game in a savage wilderness , but nothing beats a hot bath and good wine list when you're done.

And our eclectic range of African Adventure Safaris means there's no lack of choice: watch Africa unfold on a rugged mobile safari or cut out the long drives and get a bird's eye view on one of our fly-in safaris.

On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who can't sit still, then look at our active safaris or lace up your boots for what many consider the ultimate challenge: a walking safari in big game country.

Whatever your taste in adventure, you'll find that one of our African Adventure Safaris will give you the buzz you need.