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If it's classic Africa you want - rippling grasslands, red-robed tribesmen, vast herds of antelope and marauding predators - then a Masai Mara safari is your first choice.

A safari destination doesn't get to become a household name for nothing: the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya is one of the world's greatest wildlife destinations and centre stage to the astonishing annual wildebeest migration.

Essentially the northern section of the vast Serengeti ecosystem, a Masai Mara safari effortlessly combines unmatched game viewing with luxury travel. Sure, some areas are busy and it gets a little crowded over migration time but at 1 800 square kilometres there's plenty of space in the Masai Mara for privacy. We'd especially recommend the private concessions adjoining the reserve where you can expect all the action and attractions of a Masai Mara safari but without the crowds.

Have a look at our accommodation in the Masai Mara feature to find the lodge or safari camp best suited to your needs - there's every kind of experience, including some of the most indulgent and uber-comfortable accommodation in East Africa.

We've got a wide range of tours and safaris incorporating this extraordinary destination and beyond - why not turn your Masai Mara safari into a full-on African experience and add on the white sand beaches of the Indian Ocean, the Serengeti or other wildlife hotspots?

The Masai Mara - it's where safaris happen.