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KwaZulu Natal

For many visitors, KwaZulu Natal is where South Africa becomes Africa. There's no question that South Africa is a stunningly beautiful and eclectic destination but there is something in KwaZulu Natal's traditional Zulu homesteads, the tropical climate and the abundance of wildlife that makes it such a quintessentially African destination.

And what a destination it is.

Drawing its character from not only the largest ethnic group in South Africa, the Zulus, this province has strong elements of European and Indian culture - and then some. From the clear air of the inland Drakensberg Mountains to the tropical coastal beaches and wetlands, KwaZulu Natal boasts modern cities, wildlife-packed game reserves, sleepy green shires and historical battlefields.

There's so much to see and do, and combinations of experiences are simple to arrange; where else could you blend history, wildlife, culture and scuba diving in a single destination? The locals are friendly, the climate benign and the tourist infrastructure sophisticated and extensive.

What's not to like about KwaZulu Natal?