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Your memories of Chobe will be more than just the amazing wildlife you'll be seeing: accommodation in Chobe delivers such an incredible experience that you'll be talking about these stunning safari lodges and camps for a long time afterwards.

With locations ranging from the forested banks of the Chobe River to seriously off-the-beaten-track woodlands and savannahs, accommodation in Chobe blends the comfort and luxury living that you want with the raw edge of a safari in an uncompromising land.

But don't worry,? you won't want for anything: Chobe accommodation is unashamedly up-market. From internet connection to spa treatments and fine dining, our accommodation in Chobe recommendations ensure you spend a restful night between crisp cotton sheets, ready for all the safari activities the next day, whether it's a game drive, boat trip or just a lazy day by the pool.

Accommodation in Chobe - the wilderness just got luxurious.

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