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Located on the dazzling blue waters off Mozambique's southern coast, the Bazaruto Archipelago has quietly been delivering luxurious Indian Ocean island holidays for years but only now are the sun-baked islands of Bazaruto and Benguerra featuring on the tropical island holiday radar.

So why go on one of our Bazaruto holidays now the islands have been discovered? Well, for one thing much of the archipelago falls under the protection of a marine reserve so the diving and snorkelling on our Bazaruto holidays are truly amazing. And blended with this - operating on a catch-and-release policy - is the deep sea fishing, rated as some of the best in the region.

Best of all though is the simple pleasure of being on an exclusive Indian Ocean island: sun, sea, sand - you know the sort of thing - but all served up with a uniquely Mozambican flavour: think fresh seafood barbeques on the beach, horse rides along the surf line, romantic dhow cruises and sumptuous, top-of-the-range Bazaruto accommodation.

Have a look at our Bazaruto tours to see what works for you and don't forget that Bazaruto holidays combine very well - and very easily - with exciting Kruger National Park safaris: wake up in Big 5 country, catch a quick flight and have afternoon cocktails on the beach.

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Bazaruto holidays - a sublime luxury island experience

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The string of islands off the northern coast of Mozambique are pristine and undeveloped. There are no roads and no shops, just an amazing natural beauty, warm, clear waters and a fantastically diverse sea life. The Bazaruto Archipelago offers the ideal tropical ‘desert island’ holiday.


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