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Uganda Safari

Everyone knows that Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, is the place to go for a gorilla trekking safari but did you know that a Uganda safari can also take you chimp tracking, big game viewing, white water rafting and big-list bird watching?

This green, hilly country is poised between Central and East Africa, and Uganda safaris offer the best of both worlds: tropical forests hiding gorillas, chimps and other primates juxtaposed with savannahs boasting elephant, buffalo, lion and other classic African big mammals. Throw in big lakes and rivers, snow-capped volcanoes and waterfalls and you've got one big African safari experience.

So how to do a Uganda safari? There are plenty of Uganda tours to choose from - and many combine with other great African destinations too (anyone for a beach and bush safari?). And don't worry about having nowhere to stay: Uganda accommodation is in all the right places and standards are high and service is always with a smile.

Uganda safari - putting the Pearl back in the treasure box.