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Ah, the Seychelles. You know all those images of impossibly beautiful beaches, dazzling smiles and out-of-this-world beach accommodation? Well, they're all for real - the Seychelles has to be one of the world's most exclusive, luxurious and unspoilt beach destinations.

Experience one of our Seychelles holidays and you'll find yourself shaking your head in amused disbelief: the islands really are that amazing - and the good news is that top-end luxury beach living is easier than you thought.

Look at our accommodation in Seychelles feature for all the information and inspiration you need to choose the right luxury lodge for you - or just contact us for professional advice.

We've also got a great range of Seychelles tours take the hassle out of planning it yourself: choose from island hopping to incredible combination holidays with Kenya, Kruger and Cape Town just some of the destinations you can experience.

Seychelles holidays - your luxury beach dream just came true.

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The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. Considered as the ultimate Indian Ocean luxury destination, the Seychelles offers beautiful 5-star hotels, footprint-free beaches and exclusive island retreats but it comes at a price.


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