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Wildlife Guide to Namibia

Don't let all those images of empty deserts fool you: Namibia is an excellent game viewing destination - get to the best places by using our wildlife guide to Namibia and our 'When to go to Namibia' feature as the seasons largely dictate your Namibia wildlife experience.

Wildlife guide to Namibia - Etosha

Namibia's flagship park and one of Africa's biggest and best, Etosha National Park is a flat expanse of open wooded savannah surrounding a vast, seasonally flooded pan. What makes it so good is the mix of savannah and desert species: elephant, wildebeest, zebra and giraffe mingle with black rhino, springbok and gemsbok, and there's no shortage of predators too - lion, cheetah, spotted hyena and leopard are all seen regularly. Great summer birding and lots of smaller animals too.

Wildlife guide to Namibia - Waterberg Plateau

Marooned in a sea of Kalahari scrub, this 250 metre high flat-topped mountain is an island of wooded grassland supporting a range of wildlife: white and black rhino, buffalo, leopard, giraffe, roan and sable are top of the list but there's plenty of smaller stuff and good birding too. Access is limited: you'll go on foot or in a vehicle with a Nature Conservation guide, organised from your accommodation.

Wildlife guide to Namibia - Caprivi Strip

Namibia's answer to the Okavango Delta, the wetlands and woodlands of the Caprivi Strip form a jigsaw puzzle of wildlife reserves supporting big herds of buffalo and elephant that move in and out of the region. Lion, cheetah, hyena, leopard and wild dog cruise in and out of the Caprivi but the resident hippo, crocodile and many smaller animal species will always provide good wildlife experiences. Bird watching? One of southern Africa's absolute best birding destinations.