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Namibia... deserts, right? Well, you may be well aware of Namibia's ocean-like red deserts and waves of towering sand dunes but did you know that a Namibia safari can take you to wildlife-packed savannahs and wetlands as well?

Namibia is a country of such contrasts that you'll be rubbing your eyes in disbelief: herds of elephants roaming dusty riverbeds, rusting ship wrecks littering a deserted ocean shore, gaudily-dressed tribes people wandering down German streets...a safari in Namibia sweeps together history, geology, wildlife, art and ethnicity and delivers an extraordinarily blended travel experience.

From the mighty Etosha National Park and the jigsaw puzzle of rivers and swamps of the Caprivi and from the postcard-perfect sand dunes of Sossusvlei to the haunting desolation of the Skeleton Coast, luxury Namibia accommodation is tucked onto mountain crags, next to crashing rivers and overlooking teeming waterholes. The standard of service, furnishings and guiding on a Namibia safari is very high while the range of accommodation and Namibia tours means that there is something for everyone from exclusive luxury addicts to self-drive safari goers.

Talk to us about a Namibia safari and we'll show you a country that's so much more than its beautiful deserts.