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Gentle waves lapping a white sand beach, shoals of iridescent fish, nodding palm trees...the Caribbean? The Indian Ocean islands? No, welcome to landlocked Malawi - wide-smiling and big-hearted - and home to the simply spectacular Lake Malawi.

A Malawi safari is a little different to that offered by more traditional safari destinations. A ribbon of mountains, farmland and forest, Malawi specialises in a more earthy, soulful travel experience. Of course there are good big game destinations and the bird watching is excellent, but it's the tranquillity and beauty of Africa's 3rd biggest lake that forms the centre piece of any Malawi safari.

Superb luxury accommodation graces the lake's shores and private islands - you'll be torn between exploring the lake by canoe, sailing boat and snorkel or just lazing about and chatting with the locals. Then again, why don't you do both?

We've selected our best Malawi tours to give you the chance to experience all that a Malawi safari has to offer - and the central location of Malawi, sandwiched as it were between southern and East Africa, makes it the perfect relaxing beach destination to add on to a safari in either of these regions..