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Ask a safari aficionado for their ultimate safari destination in Southern Africa and chances are that their answer will be 'Botswana'.

In an industry where cliché-ridden copy is common, it's hard to write about a Botswana safari without using those familiar phrases. Botswana's parks and reserves really are huge tracts of wilderness; the Chobe River in the dry season really is packed with enormous herds of elephants; and the Okavango Delta really does have crystal-clear water.

And for a country synonymous with the Kalahari Desert it may come as a surprise to those on a Botswana safari to find huge wetlands, wide rivers and wooded savannahs: the Okavango Delta is the world's largest inland delta and filled to the brim with wildlife while the Chobe National Park supports Africa's greatest concentration of elephants - and a complete rogue's gallery of predators.

You'll also find that a Botswana safari experience is an unashamedly upmarket one. Operating according to a 'high-cost, low impact' strategy has paid off: not only is Botswana markedly free from the crowds and over development but the safari experience extends to more than the wildlife.

Botswana's tours tend to be small, exclusive affairs while the range of Botswana accommodation includes some of Africa's finest lodges in outstanding locations.

Imagine candle-lit silver service dinners, private viewing platforms and a butler service, all surrounded by hundreds - no, thousands - of square miles of trackless wilderness. It's all possible on a Botswana safari.

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Botswana is most famous for the Okavango Delta, a wildlife paradise which is the largest inland delta on Earth. To the north-east lies Chobe National Park, home to some 100,000 elephants, in the centre are remote and wild Kalahari reserves. The Botswana government operates a policy of low-volume, high-cost tourism, making it a pricey safari destination, but if you are looking for a peerless wildlife safari, it takes a lot to beat Botswana.


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